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  •  Our bloodline is a Devriendt family of birds. Our family of birds have been together since the mid 70's.We have developed a family of all distance birds.
  • This is a high performance family,with one of the top records if not the best record in America.Quality will always speak for itself,check our awards.
  • They will perform all distances 100-600 miles, any type of weather hot- cold with head , tail or no wind.
  • We have listed in the awards section, our National AU Hall of Fame / North American Ace Pigeon / American Ace Pigeon, and some of our combine awards.
  • This bloodline has consistently won National Awards year after year.
  • Our breeders have won,awards themselves.They are a well bred,tight group of birds with Grand parents /brothers /sisters/uncles/aunts of our champion breeders in the stock loft.
  • We fly our birds hard,week in and week out, they will earn their spot in the loft. Our lofts numbers are never high,and not over crowded.
  • Our bloodline goes back to many famous birds, The 49er, Dallas Hen etc. and many more. The old records of this blood goes back many years.
  • Our racing record is what we grade our bloodline on,the standard of our birds has far surpassed the ancestors. This is how we get wins from 100-600 with all of our birds they are truly an all distance family. 
  • We now work ,towards the future with our breeders. We have Champion birds raising Champions.
  • Some of our record birds:
  • [The Platinum Pair]- Zeus 0233 & My Girl 0035 [Blue Blood] parents to JLM 629 [Blue Angel] Calif. State Hall of Fame-1st Place Bird of the Year / # 371 [Champion Winged Angel] 2 times 1st place combine winner. / 485 [White Flight Hen] 1st 450 mile. 2nd 350 mile / 3332 [Blue Thunder] / Grandparents to 2401 [Angelette] and 2771 [Blue Beard] AU Hall of Fame,2nd and 0634 [Black Beard] AU Hall of Fame, 8th /Great Gr.Parents to 1562 [Sir Lawrance] /  The Platinum Pair bloodline is throughout our loft.
  • [Blue Angel] 95 JLM 629 BB H / 1997 O.B. 1st Place Bird of the Year / California State HALL OF FAME 2nd / North American Ace Pigeon, 2nd Overall 1001-1999 Birds & 3rd Long distance 500-1000 Birds.- Dam to AU HALL OF FAME[Blue Beard]2771.        
  • [Night Train] 97 SD 2734 /AU HALL OF FAME 3rd 31-40 lofts. / American Ace Pigeon 1st Middle distance 1500-2500 birds. / North American Ace Pigeon, 9th Overall 1001-1999 Birds.
  • [Miss Dee] 99 SD 2972 / AU HALL OF FAME 2nd -21-30 lofts. / American Ace Pigeon 1st Middle distance, 301-700 birds /American Ace Pigeon 2nd Middle distance, 300 birds & under / North American Ace Pigeon, 3rd Middle distance,1001-1999 birds /North American Ace Pigeon, 9th Overall 151-300 birds. / Dam of AU Hall Of Fame 9th[Miss Ants] 2604.
  • [Blue Beard] 97 SD 2771 / AU Hall of Fame 2nd 31-40 lofts / North American Ace Pigeon 4th Overall 1001-1999 birds / North American Ace Pigeon 3rd Sprint 1001-1999 birds / American Ace Pigeon 6th Speed 701-1500 birds / Bird of The Year 1st place SD Combine / Sprint Champion Bird, 1st SD Combine / both parents won No. Am. Ace Pigeons awards.
  • [Sir Lawance] 03 Cor 1562 / 1ST PLACE BIRD OF THE YEAR  2005 O.B. SAN DIEGO COMBINE  / 5th place AU HOF 2005 OB 31-40 lofts  / AU  All DIST. Ace Pigeons 3rd PL. p PAC. Zone. /  19TH A.U. Na. All Dist. Ace 05 O.B. /  20th A.U. Long Dist. Ace 05 O.B.
  •  [Bonnie] 03 Cor 1520 / North American Ace Pigeon 1st place Overall / North American Ace Pigeon 3rd Long / North American Ace Pigeon 6th Sprint.
  • [Mick] 04 PCI 546 / 2nd place Bird of the Year SD Combine / 6th Pl.  AU Hall of Fame 31-40 lofts / 24th AU National Ace Pigeon Long Distance.
  • [Miss Ants] 06 PAL 2604BBwf H -1st  Place Calif. State Hall of Fame. 600-900 birds / 07 O.B. 1st place Bird of the Year [Combine]. 7 times in top 10%, 1st Pl Combine winner, 9th Place AU Hall of Fame 31-40 lofts,27th Pl. AU Hall of Fame 21-30 lofts, 70th AU National Ace Pigeon [Middle Distance].Sire; [Blue Knight] 1st Pl. combine winner. Dam; [Miss Dee] 2972is AU HOF/ No. American Ace Pigeon/ American Ace Pigeon
  • [Sir Anthony]  03 COR 1539 BB C -  won 06 ob 1st place S.D. Combine @ Big Pine 270 mi 677 birds, 1st place in 04 ob. 1st  place at the Blackie  Weinel  Memorial Race,AU Hall of Fame 32nd 41-60 lofts 05 OB.1539 has three HOF birds in this pedigree. This cock has been 9 times 1st, 2nd to my loft. Sire 1467 is [Miss Dee]& [Night Train] blood. Dam is [Blue Angel] & [Blue Beard] blood.
  • [Salsa] 03 COR 1552] BBwf H - North American Ace 2004 O.B. 6th place sprint. Two 1st place wins.
  • 97 SD 2703 BB C - North American Ace 1998 OB 14th pl 1001-1999 birds. American Ace Pigeon 4th speed races 1501-2500 birds.
  • 00 COR 0634 BC C [Black Beard]-AU Hall of Fame  8th place   5 - 10 lofts, 2001 OB. [Black Beard] 0634  
  • 06 PAL 2606 BB H -[Mother Confessor] -2nd Place Calif. State Hall of Fame 601-900 birds,1st Place Bird of the Year Short, 2nd place Bird of the Year Overall 08 OB Concourse, 19th place AU Hall of Fame 21-30 lofts.14th Place North American Ace Pigeon Overall. 8th Place North American Ace Pigeon  Sprint
  • 06 PAL 2615 BB H [Honey] 1st Place Calif. State Hall of Fame 351-600 birds,1st Place Concourse Bird of the Year 08 OB,37th place AU Hall of Fame 21-30 Lofts
  • 09 PAL 866 DCwf H (Factory Girl)
    1st Calif. State Hall of Fame 11 O.B. 601-900 birds 
  • (Dreamer) 09 Pal 873 BC C
    1st Place Bird of The Year 2011 OB 
    1st Place winner
    6 times in the top 10% 
  • North American ACE Loft
  • 1st Place North American Ace Loft 501-1000, 2011 OB
  • 1st Place North American Ace Loft 501-1000, 2008 OB
  • 2nd place, 1000 – 1999 birds, 1998 OB 
  •  3rd place, 501 – 1000 birds, 2000 OB.
  •    5th place, 2004 OB. 
  •   6th place 2005 OB 1000-2000 birds 
  • 10th place 2007 OB 300-500 birds

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[Blue Angel] 95 JLM 629
91 JLM 371 [Champion Winged Angel] 2 times 1st place combine winner Full sister to [Blue Angel] 629
[Blue Beard] 97 SD 2771

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